Watu's Cecere Dream Center

Cecere Dream Center at Watu Wa Maana

Directors Wanjiru and John Kanyoni at Watu Wa Maana have held a long-cherished dream of establishing a Dream Center on their campus that would provide their young people with a well-constructed building that would be a safe place for students to study.

It would be a dream come true to have sufficient electrical outlets, windows to protect from mosquitos at night, and sufficient desk space where students can immerse themselves in their studies, focus on learning, and pursue their dreams. Their long-term plan would be to have a space for vocational training as well for the students who may not have been accepted into universities.

The late Paul Cecere, a steadfast believer in hope and God's grace shared this passion for empowering young people to reach their full potential. In Swahili, "Watu Wa Maana" translates to "very important people."

At Haven of Hope, Paul Cecere epitomizes the concept of a "very important person." Together, they symbolize "very important futures."

Paul's love for Africa, desire to help orphans, and his vision of imparting employable skills to these children as they transition into adulthood will soon become a tangible reality.

We invite you to join us in leaving a Legacy of Hope, ensuring that his drive to see young people succeed continues to illuminate countless lives for years to come-- an investment that paves the way for brighter futures for young people who would otherwise have no hope for their future.