Bolivia Kitchen Maintenance & Expansion

Kitchen Maintenance and Expansion at Refugio de Esperanza

Your support toward our Kitchen Maintenance and Expansion campaign at Refugio de Esperanza will help ensure the safety and well-being of the children and staff in the kitchen of our flagship home in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. We aim to:

1. **Enhance Safety**: Remove gas bottles from the kitchen and create a secure, double-walled area outside to prevent exposure to potential gas leaks and reduce the risk of burns or explosions.
2. **Expand Functionality**: Build an adjacent baking area where children and caregivers can bake bread together twice a week, fostering community and providing nutritious food.
3. **Upgrade Infrastructure**: Maintain the kitchen ceiling and install new lighting and electrical wiring in both the kitchen and dining room, creating a safer and more efficient environment.

Your generous support will help us create a safe, functional, and nurturing space for the children and staff to prepare meals. Thank you for making a difference!